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TKO Rottweilers 

 My love for the German Shepherd Dog goes back to the late 90’s. To say the least, we have had some unbelievable German Shepherds and still do today, with Raina & Timber

 And then, my love for the Rottweiler, oh what an amazing breed. So eager to please and like the German Shepherd, always by your side. These are both strong yet powerful breeds that love to have a job, whether it’s watching over the kids while in the yard, Schutzhund training, Herding or just having fun.

Some of my dogs have been involved in CKC shows, Sieger shows, Herding, Trick Dog training and currently IGP training. 

I am a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club, Canadian Association Of Dog Trainers, RKNA Canada & ADRK in Germany