Dam: Stony Grove’s Extreme Caution 

Grand Dam: Hat Creek’s Sugar N’ Spice

Grand Sire: Beni Vom Hause Edelstein


Sire:  Flip Vom Hause Edelstein (COA)

Grand Sire: Lex Vom Hause Edelstein

Grand Dam: Bereta Od Lavrica

 Mack is a black and mahogany, big boned, muscular young male. He is outgoing, athletic, intelligent with a soft personality, excellent temperment, a fast learner and so easy to train. He has a wonderful sense of humor and beautiful to look at.

He is the son of Flip Vom Hause Edelstein, our own Stony Grove’s Extreme Caution and the Grandson of Beni Vom Hause Edelstein, Hat Creek’s Sugar N’ Spice also Lex Vom Hause Edelstein and Bereta Od Lavrica. What a combination!

      He will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program!